Jezik | Language: HRV ENG
French for Political Scientists 1
Code: 55437
ECTS: 2.5
Lecturers in charge: pred. dr. sc. Borka Lekaj Lubina
Take exam: Studomat
English level:


All teaching activities will be held in Croatian. However, foreign students in mixed groups will have the opportunity to attend additional office hours with the lecturer and teaching assistants in English to help master the course materials. Additionally, the lecturer will refer foreign students to the corresponding literature in English, as well as give them the possibility of taking the associated exams in English.

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Lecture typeTotal
Exercises 60
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
Optional literature:
  1. Putanec, Valentin; Francusko-hrvatski rječnik; Školska knjiga, Zagreb
  2. Horetzky, Edita; Precis pratique de grammaire francaise; Školska knjiga, Zagreb
1. semester
Strani jezik politologija 1-1 - Mandatory studij - University undergraduate programme of Political Science
Strani jezik politologija 1-1 - Part-time studij - University undergraduate programme of Political Science
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