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Sociology of Croatian Society
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ECTS: 5.0
Nositelji: doc. dr. sc. Davorka Vidović
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Izborni GS-2 - Redovni studij - Preddiplomski sveučilišni studij Novinarstvo
Izborni GS-2 - Redovni studij - Preddiplomski sveučilišni studij Politologija
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Objavljeno: 16. 3. 2020. u 19:16
Davorka Vidović

Dear students,

As you may know, classes are suspended due to corona virus outbreak. Suspension has been set for the next two weeks, but having seen scenarios in other countries, we might as well be prepared for even longer suspension. I also heard that some of you, who left Croatia, now having problems to come back, and for others - it may become complicate to work together in teams. 

Because of all aspects of this unpredictable situation, I need to change the model of work in this tutorial, so that it become manageable and safe. Instead of workshops and projects (that requested a certain level of interactions), the majority of your work will be based on reading and writing activities. 

The four topics (proposed for the workshops) remain the same, as well as assigned reading materials. In addition to the one topic you already choose to work on, each of you need to choose another one (two topics in total). Your task is to read the papers assigned to topics and write an essay of 4-5 pages (for each topic) that will try to answer the (workshop) questions. You are encouraged to use  other materials, data, examples, illustration, to compare it to your country, etc. - is it was suggested in the description of the topic. Please use the proposed dates for the workshops as the deadlines for sending your essays on specific topic (for example if you choose social values and youth, your deadlines are April 8th and May 20th). For those who will choose the first topic - instead of this Wednesday, the deadline will be the end of the next week (March 27th). Those who already worked on the preparation of the first workshop - you can send additional material you have prepared.

The final grade will be based on (the success of) both essays. 

The list of topics/dates is in the map Nastavni materijali. All papers from the reading assignment are available in pdf in the map Nastavni materijali. 

For any questions, doubts, suggestions... you can email me, I will be available.

Please, stay safe and hopefully this will end soon.

Objavljeno: 24. 2. 2020. u 13:56
Davorka Vidović

Dear students,

A short introductory session will be on this Wednesday at 15.30 (3.30 pm), building in Fabkoviceva street 1/3rd floor.

Looking forward to meeting you.


D. Vidovic